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Plantain chips with ketchup on a red background designed for a branding project by a creative media

Chef Dollarz

I. Overview The rebranding process aimed to refine Chef Dollarz’s brand narrative and translate it into a cohesive visual identity. This involved crafting a compelling brand message, developing a unique design system, and implementing it across all touchpoints, from logos and marketing materials to website and social media platforms. II. Design We meticulously crafted a...

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Brand identity designed by the creative media for a fruit juice brand


I. Overview The brand identity for FitBurst was developed around the concept of a “burst of energy.” The logo features a stylized sunburst design, which is also used throughout the branding elements. The color palette is bright and vibrant, using colors that are often associated with health and energy, such as green, red, and yellow....

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Brand identity designed by the creative media for a renewable energy company


The objective was to develop a brand identity that would effectively communicate SegLek’s expertise and values. This involved understanding their target audience, conducting competitor analysis, and defining the key brand pillars. The design process focused on creating a cohesive visual system that could be implemented across all touchpoints, from marketing materials and website design to...

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Brand identity designed by the creative media for a real estate company


The rebranding process focused on understanding VMG’s core values and translating them into a visual language. This involved exploring the aspirations of their target audience and identifying what set VMG apart. The design approach aimed to evoke a sense of possibility and redefine the perception of modern living spaces. play_arrow Conclusion The new brand identity...

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Tasty Bites Kitchen branding created by the creative media

Tasty Bites

Tasty Bites Skills Category Branding Industry Restaurant Skill Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop I.  Brief Tasty Bites Kitchen, a local catering and meal prep service, needed a rebrand to reflect its fresh approach to home-cooked meals. They desired a playful and inviting identity emphasizing quality ingredients, personalized service, and the joy of delicious food shared with loved...

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